9.9-12 Fine Food Australia Booth Number-A58


Fine Food Australia A58-Booth number

From September 9th to 12th, our company Harbin Longping WoodWork Co., Ltd. will participate in the FINE FOOD AUSTRALIA Exhibition.

Booth Number: A58

Exhibition time: September 9th-12th

Contact Number: 86 159 0461 2012  

                            Mr Li



This is the official website of the exhibition. If you have any needs, you can refer to it. 

Exhibition area: 28,500 m²
Number of exhibitors: 1000 exhibitors

Exhibition criteria:

1. Agricultural and sideline products, canned foods, dried fruits and vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, edible fungi, green foods, freeze-dried foods, poultry products, dairy products, baked goods, etc.;

2. Leisure food, meat products, aquatic products, condiments, soy products, convenience foods, grain and oil products, frozen foods, health foods, infant foods, etc.;

3, beverages, coffee, tobacco and alcohol, biscuits, candy, food raw materials and additives, tea and native products;

4. Food processing technology, food machinery, ice cream production technology, packaging technology, catering equipment, etc.

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